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About Java on the Rock Coffees

Java On The Rock Coffees  are 100% Kona coffee grown on our own and other farms in North Kona. We roast in small batches and on the dark side for fuller flavor. Though we use the same beans and roast for both coffees, our different processes result in each coffee having its own distinctive flavor.

The coffee grown in Kona can be compared to the wines from Napa Valley. You can purchase a bottle of Chardonnay for six or sixty dollars depending upon many factors that affect quality and taste. Similarly, the taste and quality of Kona coffee is affected by location, growing practices, processing, roasting, and packaging. Our beans are handcrafted to highlight the particular qualities that we most appreciate in a great cup of coffee.

Three Stone Coffee ™ is a highly crafted Kona coffee known for its depth of flavor, low acidity, and body. Our trade secret is the Three Stone TM process that we use on our beans after roasting. One effect of this process is reduced acid which permits a stronger brew without bitterness. The result—a smooth, yet rich and complex coffee that dances on your taste buds. Like a fine wine, Three Stone Coffee TM derives its value from the painstaking attention we dedicate to processing each bean for a full and consistent flavor. Three Stone has taken first place twice in the chef's choice division of the Cream of the Crop Festival. A coffee connoisseur’s delight! 1 lb. $47.00 1/2 lb. $24.00

Mountain Harvest though more affordable is absolutely delicious. The care, expertise, quality, and craftsmanship that goes into Mountain Harvest is obvious. This coffee stands among the finest Kona coffees. 1 lb. 38.00 1/2 lb. 20.00

To grind or not to grind? No need to ask the question. As soon as coffee is ground the quality begins to deteriorate at a rapid rate. You are purchasing the highest quality coffees available and we want you to get full enjoyment from your investment. We suggest that our customers purchase a small electric grinder. These are available in any department store for about $20.00

You have two options for ordering our coffees:

1. Place an order and then re-order as needed .
Both Mountain Harvest and Three Stone Coffee are available as one-time orders. Both Mt. Harvest and Three Stone are available as one-time orders. Orders are shipped on the first and the fifteenth of each month. Please send your order 3 days prior to the ship date as we process just prior to shipping.

2. Join our Coffee Club and have Three Stone Coffee or Mountain Harvest shipped automatically.
On the order form simply select the coffee and quantity of your choice and indicate how often you would like it shipped. We keep your credit card information on file and ship your coffee when requested. We debit your account when we package your coffee. Any changes in your order should be put in writing and e-mailed at least two weeks before your normal ship date. Our coffee club customers tell us that receiving their Three Stone or Mountain Harvest automatically is one of the highlights of their month!

July and August Coffee Special
Free Shipping on Coffee Orders of 2-4 lbs
Buy one and give one away!

 Standard order is 2 lbs of the same coffee.

Except- you can mix and match full and half pounds of one type of coffee in your order.
 If you want to mix and match, please send an email and we will customize your order.

 To our valued monthly subscription customers

If you have a standing order of 2 lbs we will give you a shipping refund
on your next order.

It's our thank you for your dedication to our coffee!

Three Stone Size Options
Size Options


Mountain Harvest Size Options
Size Options


Shipping Schedule:
We ship on the first and the fifteenth of each month.
Please submit your order four days prior to the ship date. Mahalo!

Shipping Rates:
Shipping rates to Mainland US. .
1/2 lb. $5.20

1 lb. $10.20

2-4 lb $10.95 (to a single address)

For orders of 5 lbs and over contact us at info@javaontherock.com

Super Saver Shipping
Our Coffee remains fresh because of our bagging process for 3 - 4 months.
To save on shipping ma
ny customers order two or more pounds and set up their shipment schedule for every other month.
Up to four pounds of coffee will fit in a flat rate box which ships for $10.95.

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Java on the Rock Order Option #1
List of Coffees to Purchase

Shipping rates will be calculated according to the rates above when you check out.
You will also be able to designate how many of each item you are purchasing.

Here's how to get your free shipping:


Join the Java on the Rock Coffee Club - Option #2
(Subscribe to automatic coffee shipments on a schedule of your choice)

Choose Your Coffee
  Choose How Often Delivered

Three Stone Coffee


Once per month


Three Stone Coffee

1/2 lbs.

Twice per month (Currently not available)


Mountain Harvest


Every other month (Currently not available)


Mountain Harvest

1/2 lbs.
Three Stone Coffee™
$47.00 per lb.
$24.00 per half lb
Mountain Harvest
$38.00 per lb.
$20.00 per half lb.

List of Coffees- Price includes Shipping

To Discontinue Your Coffee Club Membership,
Please Click the Unsubscribe Button Below

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